At IT Impact our specialty is web enabling Microsoft Access, allowing your database to do the following:

  • Serve multiple locations: stores, offices or remote workers
  • Allow users to VPN and use the database on their remote PC

We do this through the use of Microsoft SQL Server, either the free version, or a licensed copy, (99% of our clients use the free version). In addition we can upgrade your database with the following great features:

  • Auto-Update: We will add new code to your existing database that will allow authorized administrators to issue new updates of the Access front-end. Take the worries out of wondering if your users are using the most current version!
  • We will setup SQL Server to force encryption between Access and SQL Server. (Great for security!)
  • We will also setup SQL Server to use a non-standard port. (Also good for security!)

We also add code that will auto-link any new tables in SQL Server with DSN-Less connections, (it’s techno-speak but take us at our word, it’s good).

Are you ready to web enable your Access app? Contact our sales team at 773.809.5456 and let us help you “Discover the power of your data!” TM