At IT Impact, we are not just developers, we are business consultants. Two of our six MS Access Developers are recognized by Microsoft as Access MVPs, making us one of the leading Access development firms in the United States.

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Juan Soto, Founder and Microsoft Access MVP

Juan is IT Impact’s Founder and Senior Access Developer. As a leading professional in the industry, Microsoft named him an Official Access MVP. He is also a frequent author on the official Microsoft Access blog in addition to being the first Microsoft Access developer to be profiled on their site.

Juan frequently travels throughout the USA and the Caribbean hosting workshops and mentoring other professionals in the industry. He is also a frequent speaker at Access User Groups throughout the United States, covering subjects such as SQL Server with MS Access, and provides tools and resources for MS Access developers on various online communities and platforms. For free, monthly webinars, join an online Access Users Group near you!

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Ben Clothier, Solution Architect, Microsoft Access MVP and SharePoint 2010 Technology Specialist

Ben is a Solution Architect at IT Impact, a Microsoft Access MVP since 2009, and a SharePoint Technology Specialist. He has experience with a range of business applications from worldwide supply control databases to survey tracking.

When he’s not working, he’s usually reviewing or writing something about MS Access development! He recently co-authored Microsoft Access in a SharePoint World and was a contributing author to Access 2010 Programmer’s Reference.

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