As specialists in retrieving medical records in an efficient and timely manner, our client makes a complicated process look easy. Behind-the-scenes, they needed a way to streamline their daily tasks and offer a user-friendly technology to provide better service to their busy customers while making the process more transparent for their employees.

SUMMARY took an existing MS Access application and cloud-enabled it with Windows Azure allowing our client’s employees and customers to seamlessly interface, communicate and do business via the cloud. They can now use this cloud technology and API interface for storage, retrieval of documents and sharing information and comments.


Our client works with personal injury law firms using TrialWorks (management software) who send them requests and share documents via an online file sharing service. They also have other clients not using this software who need a way to easily make requests and retrieve documents. Our client was looking for an all-inclusive platform that would help them serve their customers efficiently while not complicating the workload for their employees.


We designed a platform that optimized our client’s existing Access database, cloud-enabled it, which streamlined processes and secured data. It also included a cloud API component allowing users with TrialWorks to manage their requests right from their existing software. This meant no new processes to get used to; just a seamless continuation of the process they were already used to. Furthermore, a new web-based application was custom built for those non-TrialWorks clients who wanted to submit requests, share documents and communicate with our client. At the end of the day, this new platform allowed for complete transparency for our client irregardless of their client using the web app or Trialworks to get the job done.


By creating a 3-prong approach which leverages the latest technology, using Access, SQL Server and the Web, we were able to improve customer service and reduce processing time for requests thereby giving our client more time to focus on growing their business.