Brick and mortar Bicycle Store expanded their presence online by selling on Amazon, but it would take several hours each day to download orders and upload inventory. That’s when they called us and asked for our help, could we automate the whole process?


Using Access and SQL Server, was able to design a custom SQL Server script to automate the entire process. Whereas before it would take hours per day now it takes only minutes to download orders and upload inventory. Not only is it much faster, it runs once an hour in the background, proving once again that can help you “Discover the power of your data!” TM

We can help you automate updating your store’s


Amazon is a great way to expand your online presence, they offer a ready market and a constant stream of customers, but the technical challenges can be hard to overcome for any business. Our client, who owns a bike shop and has their own custom website, decided to expand their presence online. What happened next blew all of their sales projections out of the water, but it also meant many hours of daily work.


We designed a SQL Server procedure that would run every hour and communicate with Amazon’s service, allowing our client to easily have the latest information on orders. The procedure would update their existing website as well as their store system.


Using Access, SQL Server and the Internet, we were able to reduce processing time, increase customer service and eliminate the many hours of manual labor it was taking to perform the tasks.